When is drinking not for you?

What if you cannot control your drinking?

Some people are not able to control their drinking. They may become psychologically and physically dependent on alcohol. If you think you have this type of issue, your healthcare provider can help you identify local resources that will help you. If you are working, your employer may have workplace programs that provide intervention and counseling.

Some people benefit from community-based treatment and support services. Others may require intensive treatment at an in-patient treatment center in order to get sober and begin recovery.

Services may also be available for family members and friends, who can learn how to assist in the recovery process and receive support from others in similar circumstances.

Health experts have also developed various tests that you may use to assess whether or not your drinking may be a problem. There are two commonly used screening tools, the CAGE and the AUDIT. Developed at the University of North Carolina, CAGE is a commonly used international assessment tool consisting of only four questions. The AUDIT questionnaire is part of a larger comprehensive evaluation available from the World Health Organization.