When is drinking not for you?

Drinking is not for everybody

Many people choose not to drink for cultural, religious, or other personal reasons.  A decision not to drink should always be respected.

Avoid or limit drinking when you are in risky situations.  You should not drink when you are ill, in a bad mood, or in a situation where drinking doesn’t feel right.

If you cannot control your drinking, you should not drink at all.  Some people have great difficulty in moderating their drinking and knowing when to stop.

Some people may eventually become dependent, both emotionally and physically, on the effects of alcohol, if they drink too much over long periods of time.  Their drinking negatively affects their own health, and their behavior often adversely impacts their families and other people around them.  With proper treatment, some people can learn to drink moderately, but for many, giving up drinking altogether is the only safe and healthy choice. Speak to your healthcare professional about your specific drinking habits and ask for available resources to help.

If you or somebody you know cannot control drinking, please seek and take the advice of your health professional.