When is drinking not for you?

When is drinking not for you?

  • Alcohol problems can run in families

    Having a relative who has alcohol problems does not mean you will have the same problems, but it may increase your chances of developing them. If you come from a family with a history of alcohol or other dependence problems, you should be particularly careful about your drinking decisions. Deciding not to drink may be right for you. If you decide to drink, make sure you are able to control your drinking. If your drinking is part of a healthy… read more

  • What if you drink too much?

    If you are drinking too much, start by trying to cut back. Think about when and how you drink and don’t repeat that pattern of drinking. If you cannot control your drinking, please contact your healthcare provider for assistance. Drinking too much has immediate and sometimes tragic consequences, and can result in health and social problems. Many people who drink moderately most of the time occasionally drink too much. If you ever find yourself in this situation, you can still reduce the… read more

  • What if you cannot control your drinking?

    Some people are not able to control their drinking. They may become psychologically and physically dependent on alcohol. If you think you have this type of issue, your healthcare provider can help you identify local resources that will help you. If you are working, your employer may have workplace programs that provide intervention and counseling. Some people benefit from community-based treatment and support services. Others may require intensive treatment at an in-patient treatment center in order to get sober and… read more

  • Don’t drink if you are underage

    Most countries have established a minimum legal age for purchasing or consuming alcohol beverages, or both. Underage purchase and consumption is illegal and may be damaging to a person’s physical and mental development. Some areas make exceptions for underage drinking when the drinking is part of religious ceremonies or even some family occasions. Be sure you understand and follow local laws.  

  • What if you are starting a family?

    Drinking affects both men and women who are trying to conceive children (more information). Men and women who are considering starting a family should discuss their alcohol consumption with their healthcare provider. Drinking during pregnancy can adversely affect the fetus (more information). There is no agreed safe limit for drinking during pregnancy. Choosing not to drink is always a safe decision. Drinking when you are breastfeeding can adversely affect your infant (more information). If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please… read more

  • Drinking is not for everybody

    Many people choose not to drink, for cultural, religious, or other personal reasons. A decision not to drink should always be respected. Avoid or limit drinking when you are in risky situations. You should not drink when you are ill or if you are in a bad mood or situation where drinking doesn’t feel right. If you cannot control your drinking, you should not drink at all. Some people have great difficulty in moderating their drinking. They may also become dependent,… read more