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Here you will find information about alcohol to consider before you drink.  You can build on what you already know about how drinking alcohol affects you and people around you.

The International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD) is providing this information to encourage the responsible drinking of alcohol beverage products.  Everyone should make safe, legal, and responsible decisions about drinking or not drinking.  We understand that people make better choices based on a solid understanding of the facts.

Some people do not drink due to religious, cultural, legal, or health reasons, among others.  A decision not to drink should always be respected.  Non-drinkers may still find this website helpful, as it contains facts to share with others who do drink alcohol.

Many people drink moderately and as part of a healthy lifestyle.  We encourage those who choose to drink to do so responsibly.

On occasion, people drink too much, potentially harming themselves and others, sometimes with tragic consequences.  We hope that they will seek and receive the help they need to be safer and healthier in the future.

As you think about your own decisions about drinking, please look at the topics featured in the menu.  Your feedback is welcomed – please click here.

About IARD

The International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD) membership consists of companies that make, market, and sell drinks that contain alcohol. IARD and its members strive to be responsible in every aspect of what we do.

Leading beer, wine, and spirits producers have made specific commitments to improve and extend our best practices. You can learn more about these commitments by clicking here.

We strive to share basic information about how alcohol products affect those who drink. We learn from and rely upon experts in academia, international health organizations, government, scientific research, and medical practice. This website is based on the growing body of their work, which may change as new findings could shift consensus among scientists. We especially want to thank the experts who worked with IARD to check the accuracy of information on this website. You can learn more about them by clicking here.


IARD members make quality products intended to be enjoyed responsibly by adults.

IARD members produce, package, and advertise products in a way that is intended to support responsible adult consumption, consistent with our corporate codes and industry guidelines, and applicable laws and regulations.

IARD members endorse feasible and effective laws, policies, and programs that discourage excessive and harmful drinking, underage drinking, drinking while pregnant, and drink driving.

IARD members encourage and support those who sell and serve their products to be responsible, avoiding illegal and underage sales and sales  to underage and intoxicated persons.

As a consumer, you play the most important role. We hope that you will make informed and responsible decisions about your own drinking and encourage your family, friends, and others to do the same.

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